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The Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association (MSSA) is a society comprising of primarily Malaysian and Singaporean undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. With a student body of over 500 members, MSSA represents one of the largest international student associations at the University. 

MSSA brings together Malaysians and Singaporeans from different backgrounds and culture, and provides a platform for friendships to form and develop. More importantly, MSSA provides a strong support structure for Malaysians and Singaporeans, and serve as a source of comfort for students that are far away from home. Social events, gatherings and parenting schemes help foster closely knitted bonds and friendships, and help enhance rapport and comradery within the society.  

Beyond a platform for social gatherings and interaction, MSSA provides many opportunities for professional growth and development. Career talks, networking and internship opportunities with both public and private sectors serve as a stepping stone for students to explore potential careers. MSSA’s vast network of students thus not only serve as an excellent platform for the dissemination of career-oriented information, but serves as great opportunity for organisations to reach out and have comprehensive and holistic engagement with a large student body. 


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