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Current committee
Alex Gordon

Lead Pastor

Dianne Taylor

Director of Women's Ministry

Thomas williams

Lead Pastor

committee 19/20

Hello everyone,

To all incoming freshers, current members and interested parties, welcome to the University of Bristol's Malaysian Singaporean Students' Association (MSSA)! MSSA is a well established cultural society in Bristol for many decades, having a reputation of being an open, homely and inclusive community that allow our members to feel at home even away from home.

Our tight knit community of about 400 members and our active network of alumni are a testament to the strong bonds created through the MSSA. This year, we strive to provide even more support and opportunities to our members by providing a platform for our members to feel incorporated, but also seek opportunities in their lives through the many events that we have every year, be it incoming freshers or current students. We have a lot in store for the coming academic year, so do keep a close look out for us!

We hope that the MSSA will provide our future members with great opportunities and experiences as great as as the MSSA has provided for the past members. 

Regina Soh Hui Yi

Hi everyone! My name is Farah and I’m a geography student here at the University of Bristol. Studying away from home can be a tough time for students. As the Malaysian Vice President, I aim to help ease that homesickness by creating an engaging and welcoming community of Malaysians here in Bristol, our home away from home. I am a friendly and approachable person and am involved in many of the societies the university has to offer, from dance to knitting. Working together with Regina and Chee Ho, we ensure the MSSA runs smoothly and that its members experience the best of what our city has to offer.

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Farah Diana Binti Faizal

Malaysia Vice President

The kitchenware makes the man. But sadly, I make the food. Count on me for ambitious food preps, subsequent infuriation, and complete resignation. I pride myself in having a host of outlandish interests, of which I’ve sharpened to the point of a blunt pencil. More reserved than outgoing, you can come to me now and then for comfortable company – in silence. I’m half as unapproachable as you think I am, and half as approachable as I think I am. Do the math. Jokes aside, I look forward to forging meaningful experiences and friendships with everyone! Got doubts? Ask away!

See Chee Ho

Singapore Vice President

Charmaine Choo

Hi everyone! My name is Bing En and I am the Treasurer for MSSA. I mainly manage the society’s financial issue but feel free to talk to me about anything. I am happy to assist if you have any problems. Whenever I’m not busy studying, I will be hermiting in my room, either sleeping or watching movies. That being said, I look forward to meeting you in Bristol! :)

Greetings! Anis here and I’m your PR Representative :) If eating good food or doing sports makes you happy then that’s already one thing that we have in common. You can definitely catch me at the weekly MSSA Netball trainings and if you ever bump into me, do say hi! If you have any cool restaurants or shops in Bristol that you like to go to, tell me and I’ll try to negotiate some discounts. Essentially, I hope MSSA can be that group of friends you can fall back to so yes, approach me if you have any worries or problems and ask away!

Gan Bing En
Zu Yan Liew

PR Representative

Position Not Filled

Hello!! For those who don’t know me, my name is Lim Jas Per, and I will be MSSA’s Sports Representative for year 2019/2020. My main job scope involves organizing sports within our society and liaising with student societies from other universities for intervarsity games. Don’t be afraid to approach me if you need a teammate or someone to play sports with! This year I aim to increase participation, and spread the friendly competitive spirit within the society. Please feel free to contact me if there are any inquiries, I look forward to working with everyone.

Jasper Lim

Sports Representative

A foodie with Fernweh, I’m Franco and no, not related to James Franco also no, not related to the Spanish dictator. My aim as editor is to create a more interactive platform, be it through the termly newsletters or even the Accommodation Guide. If you’d like to contribute a piece to the newsletter, or have some great ideas but lack execution, drop me an email! Don’t let your university degree interfere with the flow of your creative juices.

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Ronald Lee

In my free time you can find me curled up in bed with a good book, a good movie or good music. I believe that good and effective communication sets the foundation for strength and cohesion in a community. I aim to create a conducive and inclusive environment for open and accessible communication for all past, present and future MSSA members. Part of my job is to create and capture all the good (and embarrassing) moments and I look forward to being part of immortalising every single one of your university experiences with MSSA.

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Kimberley Ng
previous committee (2018/19)

President: Rou Xin Chen

Vice-President (M): Syen Yee Ow

Vice-President (S): Justin Jeremiah

General Secretary: Claudia Tan

Treasurer: Emily Tan

Social Secretary: Tristan Liow

Sports Representative: Jinnie Goh

Public Relations Representative: Anis Hanani

Editor: Franco Natasha

Media Officer: Celeste Tolentino

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