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Sports day

Held twice a year, MSSA Sports Day brings MSSA members and non-members together in the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship. Beyond our own Sports Day, MSSA regularly participates in sporting events and competitions by held other universities in sports such as Netball and Frisbee. 

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MS Night

MSSA’s flagship event, MS Night is a platform for a large number of Malaysians and Singaporeans to come together and work together on a theatre production.  With over 100 members involved in the production, MS Night brings together students from different backgrounds to collectively work towards a common goal. Friendships are formed and memories are made throughout the six month long preparation process, embodying the true spirit of friendship and teamwork. The student population and MSSA members also consistently show support for this programme, with MS Night 2020 selling over 200 tickets. 

MS BALL 18/19

The MS Ball is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated MSSA events every year.

Promising a night of entertainment, extravagance and elegance. Past venues include the likes of The Royal Marriott and The Bristol Hotel. With approximately 150 attendees every year, MS Ball is the perfect way to end off the semester before Easter break.

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